Michelle is a highly experienced professional with a background in finance, accounting, human resources and business management. After earning her BA degree in accounting from Michigan State University, she worked for a short time in the auto industry before co-founding her first construction company at the age of 23.

She expanded her love of construction by opening a kitchen and bath design firm, a construction consulting company and extended into real estate development.  In the early 2000s, Michelle used her entrepreneurial expertise to join a start-up nanotechnology manufacturing company, and what started as a three-person team evolved into a company with 3 facilities and over 125 employees, sold its product worldwide, and was poised to go public.  

In 2014 Michelle decided to work in the nonprofit sector, because it is a fulfilling intersection of her passion for profit-based finance and her passion for mission based organizations – and has remained there ever since, serving as CFO for several Michigan nonprofits.  Michelle also serves as the Board Treasurer of the Neutral Zone in Ann Arbor. Apart from her professional pursuits, Michelle enjoys hiking, dancing, practicing yoga and attending live concerts and Broadway musicals.

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