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Center Line - Medical
o: 586.756.7777

f: 586.756.7788

Center Line - Dental
o: 586.467.0980

f: 586.756.7788

Mount Clemens
o: 586.783.2222

f: 586.783.6280

Clinton Township
o: 586.493.0961

f: 586.493.1011

o: 586.619.9986

f: 586.806.5085


At MyCare Health Center we care about your healthcare needs, even when our clinics are closed. If you need medical or dental assistance after-hours, please give us a call and follow the prompts to speak with our on-call providers. 

Center Line Medical: 586-756-7777      Center Line Dental: 586-467-0980      Mount Clemens: 586-783-2222