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Family Planning and OB/GYN

  • Routine exams focused on Prevention and Wellness, including Pap tests and Breast Examination

  • Follow-up of abnormal Pap tests and referral to colposcopy & biopsy

  • Family Planning education, counseling and management:  All methods, including pills, insertion and removal of IUDs, insertion and removal of Nexplanon

  • Diagnosis and treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections

  • Immunization: Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccinations

  • Diagnosis and treatment for menstrual disorders

  • Care of the Adolescent with Menstrual Irregularities

  • Diagnosis and treatment of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

  • Diagnosis and treatment of Pelvic Pain

  • Diagnosis and treatment of Urinary Symptoms

  • Diagnosis and Management of Osteopenia and Osteoporosis

  • Diagnosis and Management of Menopause Symptoms

  • Diagnosis, Management and referral for Infertility

  • Pregnancy Diagnosis

  • Prenatal Care and referral for Delivery

  • Post-Partum Care

  • LGBTQ Health Services

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